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The Home of Tatjana, Juno and Kaya

The Home of Tatjana, Juno and Kaya
The passionate art director and graphic designer Tatjana Klee lives with her two cats Juno and Kaya in her beautiful home in Stuttgart.
In our home story, she gives us a little insight into her life together with her two cats and reveals what inspires her interior design.
"High-quality and sustainable materials that integrate well with our interior design style are particularly important to us."


How would you describe your home and your interior?

We currently live in our beautiful home in Stuttgart and feel incredibly comfortable in our minimalist, monochrome and clean home.

When choosing furniture and accessories for Juno and Kaya, it is important to me that it also always offers a feel-good place and added value for the two.

A place of well-being and added value

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Which materials and colours characterise your living style?

Metal, stone, glass, linen and cotton characterise our living style and are found in all living spaces. In terms of colour, our living style is always in the colours white, grey and black.

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What is important to you when choosing furniture and accessories for your pelt-noses?

High-quality and sustainable materials that integrate well with our interior design style and offer added value to cats.

When it comes to toys, it's also important to me which materials are used, as the toys are often explored with the tongue.
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Do Juno and Kaya have a favourite place in your home?

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Juno prefers to lie on the Torre scratch tower while looking out of the window.
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Kaya loves to lie in cat beds like Cesto, Calma or Senso.
What are your favourite products from the MiaCara assortment?

That is a very difficult question! There is no product that I don't like. But I would actually choose Torre.

Torre was our first purchase from MiaCara and I still love it! Thanks to its simple design, it fits perfectly into our living room and, unlike the usual scratching posts, it is a real eye-catcher.
View Torre Scratching Post
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The Pannello scratch panel became another must-have in our home and today we can't imagine life without it!
View Pannello Scratch Panel
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Tatjana is a passionate photographer and specialises in interiors in connection with her two cats.

On her Instagram account, she shares her everyday life with her fur noses and inspires with her special style.