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Finally, a range of stylish cat scratchers you won’t have to hide when guests come over. Your cat will love getting its claws into the sleek wall-mounted cat scratcher – designed to allow cats to exercise their natural feline behaviour, while saving your sofa from destruction!

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As a cat owner, you're familiar with the occasional clash between sharp claws and your cherished furniture. MiaCara understands this, so we offer designer cat scratching posts and other products for cats that let your feline friend express its natural instincts without sacrificing your décor.

Ever wondered why cats scratch? It's a crucial part of their behaviour. They establish their territory through visible marks, signalling that this space is uniquely theirs. Additionally, scratching acts as a form of nail care, preventing overgrowth and ensuring healthy claws.

Say goodbye to ruined carpets and sofas. Explore MiaCara's range of designer cat scratching posts and panels, designed to harmonise with your space.

Introducing Panello, a true masterpiece in the realm of cat scratching posts. Panello is a sleek, wall-mounted scratching panel with a discreet yet captivating design, unlike its bulkier counterparts. Wrapped in durable felt and encased in an aluminium frame, it's an irresistible scratching haven for your cat.

Installation is a breeze, and it seamlessly integrates into any interior. Whether mounted individually or grouped together, Panello accommodates multiple feline companions without sacrificing precious floor space.

At MiaCara, we uphold the highest standards for our luxury cat scratching posts and furniture. We source only top-tier materials, and our production process is primarily based in Germany and Europe to ensure excellence at every step.

Should you have any inquiries about our selection, feel free to get in touch.