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Dog Grooming from Head to Paw

Dog Grooming from Head to Paw
Pamper your dog from head to paw and enjoy a very special grooming session together with the MiaCara grooming products.

We love our dogs - and our dogs love dirt!With the MiaCara coat care products, the grooming session for dog and human becomes a pleasure.

"Less is more" - MiaCara follows this principle not only in design, but also in terms of care. A really good shampoo based on pure certified organic plant ingredients, a dog brush with flexible silicone bristles, an absorbent dog dry towel and a cozy bathrobe made of organic cotton terry with particularly high absorbency and the grooming session can start.

We show you step by step how you can design the grooming routine of your fur nose.

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A Well Groomed Dog Is a Happy Dog

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The Puro dog shampoo is the ideal start and is perfect for the caring cleaning of dirty fur. Mild washing-active substances on a purely vegetable basis gently cleanse your dog's coat and make it soft and shiny. Puro provides moisture without being greasy, soothes and vitalizes the dog's skin. Be sure to use a lukewarm water temperature and a gently adjusted spray. Foam the Puro dog shampoo best already in the palm of your hand and then work it in carefully. When rinsing, no shampoo or water should get into the dog's eyes or ears. The coat should still be thoroughly washed out and no product residue should remain in the coat.
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Step 1

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After you have washed the Puro dog shampoo out of the coat, you should first wipe out the excess moisture with your hands and then gently rub dry with a towel. For this you can use the soft Secco terry dog towel made of organic cotton terry with particularly high absorbency for drying and rubbing. Secco inspires with the fast and effective drying of the dog's coat and pulls moisture and dirt not only superficially, but also from the undercoat of your dog.
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Step 2

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Once you have rubbed the coarsest moisture from the coat dry, the Mano dog dry towel with handles comes into use. The practical hand grips offers you a particularly good grip to rub the remaining moisture with two hands from the fur. In addition, the paws or even hard-to-reach places can be dried easily and completely.
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Step 3

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In the next step, the Guanto Drying Glove can also be used to remove moisture from paws and hard-to-reach areas very easily and especially precisely.
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Step 4

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For a particularly pleasant feeling after drying, we recommend the Bagno dog bathrobe, which, thanks to its excellent fit, hugs your dog's body and provides comforting security. This also draws residual moisture from the coat and prevents water splashes caused by shaking the dog.
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Step 5

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The final step is to use the Pelo dog brush. The flexible silicone bristles adapt to the shape of your dog's body and remove loose hair and dirt without pulling and tugging. In addition, the connective tissue can be massaged through intensive pressure. This promotes blood circulation for a strong and shiny coat. Suitable for both short and long hair.
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Step 6

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