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Tease your playful feline with MiaCara’s contemporary cat toys. Perfect to stimulate a cat’s natural need to chase and paw, our cat toys are made from natural materials, so you and your feline can have hours of fashionable fun.

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  1. Topo


    Cat Toy

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    24,95 €
  2. Filo


    Cat Toy Ball

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    From 19,95 €
  3. Cesto


    Cat Basket

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    99 €
  4. Pesce


    Activity Toy

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    24,95 €
  5. Globo


    Cat Toy Ball

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    12,95 €
  6. Coda


    Cat Toy

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    29,95 €
  7. The Home of Tatjana, Juno and Kaya

    The Home of Tatjana, Juno and Kaya

    The passionate art director and graphic designer Tatjana Klee lives with her two cats Juno and Kaya in her beautiful home in Stuttgart.
    In our home story, she gives us a little insight into her life together with her two cats and reveals what inspires her interior design.
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  8. Gift Card

    Gift Card

    Gift Card

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    From 25 €

Whether after a long day or simply for the love of play, shared moments bring balance to your life and your cat's. Our designer cat toys are more than just amusement; they're a vital part of your cat's day. Discover inspiration for unforgettable bonding experiences with designer products for cats at miacara.com.

Playing with our luxury cat toys isn't just about fun — it's about fostering good health. Just like us, your feline companion needs daily activity and attention. Regular playtime, especially with an engaging cat toy, ensures everyone's enjoyment.

Our designer cat toys offer more than just entertainment. They provide essential exercise, especially crucial for indoor cats. Take our Coda Cat Toy, for example — it sparks exhilarating games of catch, honing instincts and physical fitness.

For slower or older cats, our Bosco Cat Toy, filled with a touch of Erba Catnip, ignites playfulness. Even the most laid-back house cat won't be able to resist. And for stressed felines, the minty scent offers a soothing touch.

Busy kittens find their match in our Filo Cat Toy Balls, available in an array of colours. These toys promise hours of solo play. Likewise, our Pesce Cat Toys stimulate both mind and tongue. Licking offers relaxation, reduces stress and sharpens concentration. Simply tuck your cat's favourite treat into its crevices and let the fun begin.

Discover the finest designer cat toys for your beloved feline exclusively from MiaCara.com. Crafted with precision in Europe, our toys embody quality materials and expert artistry. Experience playtime like never before.