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The Home of Katharina and Luna

The Home of Katharina and Luna
The passionate interior stylist Katharina lives with her dog Luna in her beautiful art nouveau home.
In our home story, she takes us inside her home and reveals what inspires her minimalist interior design with her dog.
High-quality and sustainable materials that integrate well with our interior design style are particularly important to us.


How would you describe your home and your interior design style?

I would describe our interior style as minimalistic, scandinavian and individual.

The minimalist style runs through all our rooms and is also reflected in Luna’s home accessories.
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Which materials and colours fit your home’s aesthetic?

When furnishing, I always try to draw a red thread through all the rooms. I love the combination of wood, linen and brass elements.

Natural colours such as beige, white and grey also create a calm feeling in our home.

High-quality and sustainable materials that integrate well with our interior design style are particularly important to us.
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High quality and sustainable materials

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What is important to you when choosing furniture and accessories for your dog?

It is important to me that their design fits perfectly into our home and that they are also functional and offer added value for Luna.

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Does Luna have a favourite place in your home?

Luna’s favourite place in our home is the Covo dog basket.

With its round shape, high-quality design and beautiful wood, it fits perfectly into our living room and blends harmoniously into our living ambience.
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What Are Your Favourite MiaCara Products, and Why?

Besides the Covo dog basket, Luna loves her Bagno dog bathrobe.

After a walk in the rain or after a bath, the dog bathrobe ensures that the coat dries faster and with its perfect fit Luna always loves to wear it.
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What Inspires You When Choosing your Interior?

I like to be inspired by beautiful home and interior design magazines. But Instagram and Pinterest are also great sources of inspiration to get new ideas and see how others design their homes.

The Doppio bowl set has been in our kitchen for a while now – the tray made of oak ensures that the bowls can’t slip and their design fits in perfectly with our Scandinavian kitchen.
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Doppio Is a Highlight in Our Kitchen

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Katharina is a passionate Interior Stylist.
On her 
Instagram Accountshe shows many insights into her Scandinavian home and inspires others with her special interior style.