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The Home of Carlina, Lino and Simon

The Home of Carlina, Lino and Simon

The passionate photographer Carlina Gea lives with her two four-legged friends in beautiful Elche in Spain. In our home story, she reveals what inspires her and what is particularly important to her when living with her dog and her cat.

Even though our house is big, I don't want to clutter it up, so I'd rather have a few things that get used rather than a lot of furniture or accessories that don't get used."


How would you describe your interior design style?

I currently live in an old house with a very special charm. The ceilings are very high, it has a small terrace, lots of rooms and most importantly for me, lots of natural light! My style in my profession as well as in my interior design is quite minimalist.

Carlina worked as a fashion photographer for many years, but now specializes in animal photography. Her four-legged friends are always close by, even in her everyday work.
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Which materials and colors fit your home’s aesthetic?

A cement-look vinyl floor is laid throughout the house, which further emphasizes the minimalist living style. In terms of color, my interior style is always in the color palette of white, beige and gray.

The Mare Dog Bed is another product from our own MiaCara collection that we really enjoy having at home and that we have used every day since the beginning because my furry friends are absolute sleepyheads."
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Comfort and functionality

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What is important to you when choosing furniture and accessories for your four-legged friends?

Comfort, functionality, ease of care and color. I also pay a lot of attention to the material and quality. It should be easy to care for, especially with animals, and the color should naturally match our furniture.

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Do Lino and Simon have a favorite place in your house?

They like being around me and always look for a sunny spot in the house. In the morning the sun shines on the terrace and in the afternoon they stay in my office where I edit my pictures. So in both places they have their respective beds where they go to sleep.

Lino and Simon love sleeping together and spending time together. Since I've had them both at home, I've realized how similar they are."
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It's always better together

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What are your favorite MiaCara products?

A difficult question because all of the products that we have purchased from MiaCara are frequently used with pleasure. The Tavoletta Bowl Set is an absolute favorite of mine and is used every day by all of our four-legged friends. It is easy to clean and also gives the room a special touch.

Our latest addition is the Volpe Activity Toy, which complements our MiaCara collection. It offers my four-legged friends special variety thanks to the two different surfaces and slows down eating. At the same time, the activity toy also integrates perfectly as an decorative element into our furnishings."
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Volpe is also used as a decorative element.

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Carlina Gea is a passionate photographer and specialised in animal photography. She shares her unique style on her Instagram account . On her second account she also shares her everyday life with her dog Lino.