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Living Beautifully with Your Dog

Living Beautifully with Your Dog
Discover how to create a stylish and harmonious home with your dog.
A Stylish Home with a Dog — Is That Even Possible?

Absolutely. Let us show you how owning a dog doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Find out how to fabulously furnish your home with a four-legged companion.

The dog sleeping area as the base of a good human-dog relationship.
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The Sleeping Place

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Your four-legged friend should have a permanent sleeping place in your home. This should be in a quiet zone and should not be in a passage room. Depending on your needs, you can also set up several sleeping places for your dog – next to the couch, next to the bed or in the home office. For ideal hygiene and cleanliness, covers should be removable and washable. In between washes, you can easily vacuum the covers with the upholstery brush of your hoover.

Dog Cushion, Box Bed or Basket?

The choice between a dog cushion, box bed and basket comes down to what is most comfortable for your faithful friend. When choosing the best dog bed for your pooch, consider the following.

Some four-legged friends have certain physical characteristics. For small breeds or even dogs with joint problems, choosing a cushion makes it easier for them to get to their sleeping place, as they do not have to jump over the edge of a box bed.
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Stretched out or head down? Every dog has a different sleeping position. A dog cushion is ideal for simply stretching out. Box beds, on the other hand, offer your dog an excellent opportunity to lay their head down on the edge.
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Enough space to stretch out. Always remember that the sleeping area should always be a bit larger than your dog. They should be able to stretch out easily on the bed so that the spine is relieved and supported during resting time.
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Routines and habits are particularly important for dogs. Set a feeding place where your dog can get his food undisturbed.
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The Feeding Place

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Dog Bowls, Bowl Sets and Dog Feeders

The choice of bowls and dog feeders is huge, but what is suitable for your dog? Generally, it’s a choice between bowls, bowl sets, dog feeders or bowl stations.

Everyone knows about conventional dog bowls; two bowls (food and water). The bowls are placed at the feeding place, offering a simple eating and drinking solution. We love the covered Coppa bowls with a removable silicone sleeve. This protects the floor and adds colour to the simple design.
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Another possibility are so-called bowl sets, such as the Tavoletta bowl set. These contain two bowls (food and water) and can be placed on a tray provided. This ensures that the bowls stay in place while the dog is eating. The bowls are stable and you avoid scratches on your floor.
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Alternatively, you can also use dog feeders. A raised frame, such as the Desco dog feeder, can be placed on the floor, allowing your dog to eat in a more comfortable upright position.
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Another option is wall-mounted dog feeders, like the Arco dog feeder, which you can set to the appropriate height for your dog. The space under the feeder also makes cleaning a breeze.
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We recommend using a non-slip placemat under the dog bowls, such as the Tova placemat. This prevents the bowls from being pushed around when the dog is eating and protects your floor from food and water splashes.
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Dogs come with a lot of "stuff." Small items such as leashes, collars and toys need easily accessible storage space.

Storage Space

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Every dog owner knows that some small parts tend to get spread around. So it makes sense to think about something for leashes, collars, toys and other small things.

Leashes, collars and treat bags find their place on the Gemma wall hooks. Placed in the entrance area, everything for the daily walk is within reach.
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The Cesto toy basket keeps the toy chaos in order. Available in different colours, Cesto is a stylish way to store your four-legged friend’s toys.
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An alternative to the Cesto toy basket is the Tavolino side table. Tavolino combines storage space for toys and other accessories and integrates ideally into your interior as a side table.
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