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Find accessories for your home and while on the go with your four legged friend!

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  1. Cesto


    Cat Basket

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    99 €
  2. Tova


    Cat Placemat

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    29,95 €
  3. Tavolino


    Side Table

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    299 €
  4. Gatto


    Decorative Figure

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    39,95 €
  5. Sacca


    Tote Bag

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    14,95 €
  6. Gift Card

    Gift Card

    Gift Card

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    From 25 €
  7. The Home of Tatjana, Juno and Kaya

    The Home of Tatjana, Juno and Kaya

    The passionate art director and graphic designer Tatjana Klee lives with her two cats Juno and Kaya in her beautiful home in Stuttgart.
    In our home story, she gives us a little insight into her life together with her two cats and reveals what inspires her interior design.
    Read more
  8. Chiave Gatto

    Chiave Gatto

    Key Chain

    Regular price
    19,95 €

Welcoming a cat into your home is a special experience, with their unique charm and independent spirit. We become humble and willing servants once they have wrapped us around their soft little paws. At MiaCara, we understand this bond and offer a range of designer products for cats that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. 

Our Chiave keychain, crafted in the iconic MiaCara cat silhouette, is a perfect memento for cat lovers. Fashioned from durable leather and premium metals, this designer cat accessory is a must-have for every cat lover's keyring.

Transform your living space with our Gatto porcelain decorative figure, an exclusive creation by the esteemed Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co., available only at MiaCara. Whether adorning a shelf or gracing a side table, this elegant figure embodies the essence of feline grace in design.

Your beloved cat deserves nothing but the best, and MiaCara delivers. Discover a range of designer cat accessories tailored to provide endless entertainment for your furry companion. Introduce them to the playful world of MiaCara's Erba Catnip, a surefire way to ignite their inner tiger. Fill their favourite toy with this fragrant catnip, or opt for our Bosco Cat Toy, expertly crafted from wool felt. With its customisable Velcro fastener, the fun never ends.

Beyond playtime, our catnip also serves as a calming agent, providing solace to anxious felines. Shop for catnip online at and embark on a joyful journey with your cherished pet.

At MiaCara, excellence is non-negotiable. All our designer cat accessories are meticulously crafted in Germany and Europe, using only the finest materials. Our commitment to impeccable product quality is unwavering. Should you have any inquiries about our offerings, please contact us. We're dedicated to providing personalised assistance for all your needs.