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"Greige" a Perfect Colour Mix of Grey and Beige

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Greige looks timeless and modern like Grey, but is also warm and cosy like Beige. That's why this colour goes with every style of interior and looks just as good in classic interiors as it does in Scandinavian homes or spectacular old flats.
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  1. Cordo


    Dog Cushion

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    From 119 €
  2. Senso


    Dog Pouffe

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    From 229 €
  3. Velluto


    Dog Bed

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    From 289 €
  4. Unica


    Dog Blanket

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    From 29 €
  5. Onda


    Knitted Blanket

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    From 49 €
  6. Tova


    Dog Placemat

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    From 29,95 €
  7. Desco


    Dog Feeder with Porcelain Bowls

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    From 189 €
  8. Scodella


    Dog Bowl

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    From 39 €
  9. Scodella



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    29,95 €
  10. Tova


    Cat Placemat

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    29,95 €

Greige is the trend colour in interior design. The colour has a cosy, warm and inviting effect and remains discreetly in the background.

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Discover the Desco dog feeder in Nordic design now in the new Greige colour as a Limited Edition.
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Give your cat special slumber moments in the particularly soft Velluto cat bed. The fine velour fabric prevents cat hairs from getting caught, making it easy to pat them out at any time.