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We love our dogs - and our dogs love dirt!

Pamper your dog from head to paw and experience a very special grooming session together with the MiaCara care products. 

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  1. Bagno



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  2. Pelo


    Dog Brush

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  3. Puro


    Dog Shampoo

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  4. Secco


    Terry Dog Dry Towel

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    Dog Dry Towel

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    Dry Glove

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As different as each of our four-legged friends is - what they all have in common is that they get dirty.

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The custom bristle design of the Pelo dog brush gently grooms both wet and dry coats, and removes dirt and loose hair.
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Wrap your furry friend up in the soft organic terrycloth Bagno dog bath robe. It is perfect for drying your dog after a bath, a swim in the lake or a romp in the rain.