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Scandi Style for Cats: Minimal Design, Clean Lines, Pure Comfort.

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Scandinavian interior design is known for its simple elegance and functional aesthetics. Clean lines, a minimal look and natural materials are the main focus. MiaCara creates the perfect addition to your interior style with minimalist designer pieces for your cat.

Discover unique products and inspiration for your feline in this guide, and embrace Scandinavian style in your home.

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  1. Alto


    Wall Climber

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    From 49,95 €
  2. Arco


    Cat Feeder with Porcelain Bowls

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    249 €
  3. Arco
  4. Calma


    Cat Bed Hexagon

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    129 €
  5. Covo


    Cat Basket

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    549 €
  6. Desco
  7. Desco
  8. Gatto


    Decorative Figure

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    39,95 €
  9. Pannello


    Scratching Panel

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    229 €
  10. Sito


    Cat Litter Box

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    399 €
  11. Tavolino


    Side Table

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    299 €
  12. Torre


    Scratching Post

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    From 599 €
  13. Unica


    Cat Blanket

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    24,95 €

Characteristics of Scandi style are: natural materials, organic shapes and an understated, modern look that creates a feel-good atmosphere.

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Minimalist design and Scandinavian chic combined in a cozy resting place for your cat: Designed exclusively for MiaCara by Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co, the Tavolino side table is a cat bed in disguise.
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Designed by Dutch designer Regina Mol, the Torre Cat Scratching Post features a massive base plate made from real wood to ensure stability, a large curved plywood panel which is covered in durable design felt to offer plenty of scratching space for your cat to sharpen their claws, and on top, the elevated sleeping area gives your feline friend the perfect all-round view.