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The Home of Anne and Charlie

 The Home of Anne and Charlie
Passionate UX designer Anne takes us to her home in Copenhagen.
In our Home Story, she gives us an insight into her home and reveals what matters when living with her dog Charlie and what inspires her interior design.
By making conscious choices and selecting timeless pieces made from quality materials, we can surround ourselves with things that not only serve a purpose but also enhance our living spaces.


How Would You Describe Your Home and Your Interior Design Style?

Growing up in Denmark, I’ve embraced the classic Scandinavian aesthetics, which shape my minimalistic interior style.

Daher kommt auch meine Vorliebe für zeitloses Design und einem Interior mit klaren und minimalistischen Formen. Das verleiht dem Zuhause einen anhaltenden Charm und wird nicht von flüchtigen Trends bestimmt.
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Which Materials and Colours Fit Your Home’s Aesthetic?

I like to have a mixture of light neutral colors as a base for each room in my home. This gives the room a sense of serenity and tranquility.

To infuse my living space with a cozy and inviting atmosphere, I incorporate natural elements like wool and wood into the overall decor scheme.

I love the innovative use of recycled marine plastic sourced from the oceans and beaches. The idea that this bed not only provides a comfortable surface for Charlie to lie in, but also contributes to environmental sustainability is great.
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Design, Quality and Sustainability

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What Is Important to You When Choosing Furniture and Accessories for Charlie?

Maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout my home is important to me, and that includes ensuring that Charlie’s belongings align with the overall design.
I therefore consciously avoid dog accessories that have bright colors or are made from cheap materials.

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Does Charlie Have a Favorite Place in the House?

Charlie’s favorite place in the house is where we are.

We call him “Our little shadow” because he goes wherever we go. In order to accommodate Charlie’s desire to be by our side, we have incorporated various elements throughout our home to ensure that he always feels included and engaged.
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What Are Your Favorite MiaCara Products, and Why?

The Desco Dog Feeder with porcelain bowls is a gamechanger for us!

A dog feeder that not only looks good and integrates seamlessly into our kitchen, but also provides Charlie with a nice feeding place.
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Wooden Dog Feeder in Nordic Design

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On her Instagram account, Anne shares more of her passion for interiors and offers insights into living with her dog.