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For the dog that is always on the move, MiaCara’s range of dog travel accessories makes for a more stylish journey. Our travelBed and our dog travel mat are an easy way to keep your four-legged friend comfortable, no matter where you are.

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  1. Strada



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    From 129 €
  2. Cosmo



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    From 149 €
  3. Cosmo Senso

    Cosmo Senso


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    From 149 €
  4. Volata


    Travel Carrier

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    From 299 €
  5. Sporta


    Dog Carrier

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    From 199 €
  6. Vacanza



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    199 €
  7. Dog Grooming from Head to Paw
    • Guide

    Dog Grooming from Head to Paw

    Pamper your dog from head to paw and enjoy a very special grooming session together with the MiaCara grooming products. Read more
  8. Cinta


    Belt Bag

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    99 €
  9. Urbano


    City Bag

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    109 €
  10. Gusto


    Treat Bag

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    39,95 €
  11. Sacchetto


    Poop Bag Holder

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    29,95 €
  12. Piega


    Foldable Travel Bowl

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    16,95 €
  13. Bento
  14. Bottiglia


    Watter Bottle

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    14,95 €
  15. Vacanza Set

    Vacanza Set

    Weekender Set

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    299 €
  16. Urbano Set

    Urbano Set

    City Bag Set

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    129 €
  17. Sporta


    Replacement Inlay

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    From 39,95 €
  18. Volata


    Replacement Inlay

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    From 39,95 €
  19. Gift Card

    Gift Card

    Gift Card

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    From 25 €

When it comes to exploring the world with your furry friend, comfort and style are paramount. At MiaCara, we understand that your dog is not just a pet but a cherished family member deserving of the best. That's why we offer an exclusive selection of luxury dog travel accessories and designer products for dogs that redefine canine comfort on the go.

Whether a short jaunt or a grand adventure, your canine co-pilot deserves a plush sanctuary. Our dog travel beds, thoughtfully designed for both aesthetics and functionality, promise a cosy retreat after a day of exploration.

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Water and moisture-resistant polyester (bottom) with plush quilted padding (top)
  • Environmentally conscious: Crafted from 100% recycled PET bottles

Explore our curated range, featuring the exquisite Strada travelBed, and ensure your dog travels in the lap of luxury.

Navigating bustling urban landscapes can be overwhelming, especially for smaller dogs. Provide your canine companion with a sense of security with our impeccably crafted carrying bags. With soft padding and robust construction, they offer both comfort and protection.

  • Thoughtful compartmentalisation for organised storage
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit
  • Trolley attachment for added convenience

Discover the epitome of form and function with our Sporta Dog Carrier, an essential luxury dog travel accessory.

For dogs with discerning tastes, mealtimes can be a delicate affair. This is especially true during travels. Enter our ingenious travel bowls - foldable, portable, and crafted from safe, easy-to-clean silicone. The Piega Foldable Travel Bowl ensures your pup stays energised, no matter where the journey takes you.

Pro Tip: Pair the travel bowl with other items from our collection of luxury dog travel accessories for a complete set of essentials.

Embarking on journeys with your four-legged friend can be a daunting task, especially for new pet parents. At MiaCara, we're not just about providing top-tier accessories; we're also your trusted advisors. Explore our product categories and find everything you need for a worry-free travel experience.

For all your inquiries about luxury dog travel accessories, MiaCara is here to assist you. Travel in style and comfort - only at MiaCara!