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Walking the dog never looked so stylish! Keep your dog dry and warm with the waterproof raincoat, the quilted winter coat or dog sweaters made of wool. 

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Outfit your canine companion in the finest designer dog coats by MiaCara. Our collection ensures your dog stays both fashionable and shielded from the elements. Whether it's the Valentina Rain Coat, Cosima Winter Coat, or a snug dog sweater, we've got your pup covered. 

When choosing a designer dog coat, prioritise both style and functionality. MiaCara's range caters to various breeds, weather conditions, and activities. Every dog, big or small, can benefit from the right coat. Explore our curated selection for dogs and cats at

Cold sensitivity varies based on factors like breed, age, and fur type. Short-haired or small breeds like Dachshunds, Bulldogs, and Pugs thrive in a warming designer dog coat. Larger, short-furred dogs and seniors also benefit. Even long-haired breeds enjoy the rain protection of a breathable coat.

Discover MiaCara's commitment to top-tier quality and design. Our coats offer optimal comfort, functionality and visual appeal. From the waterproof Valentina to the padded Cosima, your dog will brave any weather in style. 

Crafted with premium materials, MiaCara designer dog coats balance insulation and breathability. Padded high-tech exterior fabric and waterproof laminate keep your pup cosy without overheating. 

Your dog coat must fit snugly while also providing enough freedom of movement. The Valentina Rain Coat and Cosima Winter Coat are designed for a snug yet flexible fit thanks to their ergonomic design. With adjustable features at the neck, waist and rear end, MiaCara's dog jackets can be easily tailored to your dog's body shape. This means your dog can enjoy full freedom of movement during running and play, while the leg loops ensure that the coat stays in place during the most spirited romps.

The Valentina Rain Coat and Cosima Winter Coat also feature a warming belly flap that can be customised to fit. Belly protection is particularly important for smaller dogs, as their proximity to the cold ground exposes their abdominal area, which contains vital organs, to cold temperatures.

Putting on and taking off our designer dog coats is a breeze. Wide necks and secure click closures make dressing a cinch. Reflective trims ensure visibility in low light, while a discreet harness opening adds convenience for lead attachment. Light dirt can be easily removed with water. Both designer dog coats, as well as the Franca Softshell Coat for the owner, can be conveniently machine-washed.