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Step out in style in MiaCara’s exclusive collection of luxury dog collars and leads. For a walk through the city or a wander in the woods, a MiaCara dog collar and matching lead are the ultimate accessories for design conscious dogs and their owners.

Choose from modern styles and a selection of matching dog walking accessories.

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  1. Modena



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    From 79 €
  2. Modena


    Dog Collar

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    From 39,95 €
  3. Modena Long Lead

    Modena Long Lead

    Long Lead

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    From 69 €
  4. Bergamo


    Dog Collar

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    99 €
  5. Lucca


    Dog Collar

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    79 €
  6. Bergamo long lead
  7.  The Home of Sabrina and Henri

    The Home of Sabrina and Henri

    The art historian and passionate interior designer Sabrina lives with her dog Henri in her beautiful home in Vienna.
    In our Home Story, she gives us an insight into her life with her dog and reveals what inspires her interior design and what is particularly important when living with her dog.
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  8. Bergamo long lead
  9. Lucca Long Lead

    Lucca Long Lead

    Dog Lead

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    129 €
  10. Cinta


    Belt Bag

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    89 €
  11. Gusto


    Treat Bag

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    39,95 €
  12. Sacchetto


    Poop Bag Holder

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    29,95 €
  13. Lupo


    Snack Bag

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    39,95 €
  14. Bustina


    Poop Bag, Pack of 8

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    9,95 €
  15. Gift Card

    Gift Card

    Gift Card

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    From 25 €

Unleash the true potential of your daily walks with your furry companion by adorning them with our exquisite designer dog leads. Whether a brisk city stroll or an adventurous romp through the woods, our MiaCara collection means you and your canine companion can step out in unmatched style and comfort.

Elevate your walks with a range of accessories and designer products for dogs

Embrace the joy of every stride with our carefully curated selection of designer dog leads. The quintessential standard leash, adorned with carabiners and strategic rings, offers versatility tailored to your needs. 

Need to keep your pup close during urban adventures? Opt for our sleek short leashes, never exceeding 1.5 metres, complete with a convenient handle loop and secure carabiner.

Who says everyday leashes can't be a fashion statement? For the fashion-forward dog lover, our Torino Dog Lead and city collar combo redefine elegance. Crafted from genuine Saffiano leather, renowned for its distinctive texture and durability, this ensemble guarantees a touch of sophistication in every step. The velvety-soft nubuck bull leather lining in the handle loop and collar adds an extra touch of luxury, complemented by our exclusive brushed matte finish carabiner.

The Bergamo Dog Lead, expertly hand-braided in an Italian workshop, is your perfect companion for a sporty yet refined look. Weather-resistant and easy to maintain, this lead promises enduring joy on your daily walks.
Complete your dream look with collars available in various sizes to match our designer dog leads.