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Let your cat reach stylish new heights with the beautiful Alto Wall Climber. Designed exclusively for MiaCara by the renowned Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co, Alto is inspired by the latest trends in Scandinavian design.

More cat parents are choosing to keep their feline friends indoors. This creates the need for spaces where your cat can exercise its natural behaviours, including climbing, scratching and watching over its territory. Modern living spaces, especially in apartments, do not allow for bulky pieces of cat furniture, so our team of designers have worked to cleverly combine multiple functions in one stylish object, which fits seamlessly into your home.

The Alto Wall Climber gives your cat endless opportunities for play, rest and sleep. This wall-mounted cat tree combines a number of functions in one stylish object — a cat tree, cat scratcher, a bed for your feline friend, and contemporary storage space for you. The wooden frame is fitted with soft cushions and scratch panels, as well as shelves to store books, decorative objects or your cat’s belongings.

The Alto Wall Climber is completely customisable and adjustable, with the option to add separate modules, like cushions, scratch panels, and cat shelves, to suit your home and your cat(s). The modules can be mounted at any desired height for a personalised climbing path. For large walls or multi-cat households, an extension set maximises the size of the shelf to allow your cat even more space to explore.

Both the frame and modules are made of natural oak wood to blend seamlessly with the colour scheme of any home.

Design: Hans Thyge & Co

The Alto basic structure measures approx. 1,86 m x 0,94 m (H x L1) and can be expanded as required by an additional extension set measuring approx. 1,86 x 0,45 m (H x L2).

Image 34657393377556

Shelf big: 87,2 x 12 x 25 cm (W x H x D)

Shelf small: 42 x 12 x 25 cm (W x H x D)

House: 42 x 42 x 25 cm (W x H x D)

Nest: 47,1 x 21,9 cm (Ø x D)

Scratch panel: 45,5 x 1,6 cm (Ø x D)

Cushion: 40,4 x 6,5 x 23,4 (W x H x D)


Structure: Solid oak
Modules: Oak veneer

  • Oak: Natural Oak: Natural


Design felt: 100% Polyamide

  • Beige Beige


100% Polyester (Trevira CS)

  • Hemp Hemp
  • Anthracite Anthracite

Inner Cushion

Foam: 100% Polyurethan


If necessary, wipe the wooden structure and the modules with a damp cloth.

Design felt

Use the brush of a vacuum cleaner to clean the design felt. Please do not use water or any liquid detergents.


Customisable Cat Wall

The Scandinavian style Alto Wall Climber gives your cat endless opportunities for play, rest and sleep.

Scratcher Made of Durable Design Felt

The design felt made of 100% polyamide is particularly resistant and offers enough surface to sharpen claws.

Image 35245242548500

Modern Wood Look

Made of solid oak wood, Alto is characterised by clear lines and a Scandinavian design.

Image 35245242581268

Climbing, Scratching, Resting

The Cushions made of soft foam with removable covers in the colour hemp or anthracite offer a comfortable place to rest.

Image 35245242482964
Image 34657896169748
Image 34657896071444
Image 35172531077396

Our Promise

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    MiaCara products impress with a unique, timeless design and maximum functionality.

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    The best materials and high-quality workmanship are MiaCara's top priorities.

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    MiaCara products are manufactured sustainably and with great attention to detail, mostly in Germany and Europe.

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Words From the Designer

"The Alto Cat Wall Climber is a sculptural wall shelf that meets the needs of both cats and humans. The shelf satisfies the needs of the cat such as climbing, scratching, hiding and sleeping and can also be used as a storage and display shelf. The shelf is flexible and can be combined just the way you want it."

-Hans Thyge & Co

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