Cat Feeder with Porcelain Bowls

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Awarded with the German Design Award Special Mention 2019.

Powder-coated aluminium dog feeder in a nordic design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Bring a hint of Nordic style into your kitchen with the modern Desco cat feeder. Designed by Mathias De Ferm exclusively for MiaCara, the Desco feeder is made from a powder-coated aluminium frame, and comes in four timeless colours.

Designed to satisfy both cat and owner, the Desco features all the clever details you have come to expect from MiaCara. The height of the feeder enables cats to comfortably eat out of the bowls, while rubber buffers keep the bowls in place to avoid rattling while your cat eats. The cat feeder also comes with slip-proof silicone feet to ensure a quiet meal.

The Desco cat feeder comes with two porcelain bowls "Made in Germany". The uniquely designed porcelain bowls are not only beautifully shaped, but also particularly high quality and robust. Practical silicone rings ensure that the removable porcelain bowls stay in place when the cat eats and do not rattle.

The bowls are food-safe, dishwasher-safe and can also be purchased individually.

Design: Mathias De Ferm

The Desco cat feeder is available in one size.

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40 x 19 x 10 cm (L x W x H)
2 stainless steel bowls with 0,25 l capacity each,
inner diameter: 12 cm


Powder-coated aluminium
Silicone rings

  • Powder-coated Grey Powder-coated Grey
  • Powder-coated Black Powder-coated Black
  • Powder-coated White Powder-coated White
  • Powder-coated Greige Powder-coated Greige
  • Pulverbeschichtet Grau Powder-coated Grolive


Porcelain "Made in Germany"

  • Porcelain Porcelain

Anti Slip Feet



To clean the feeder, wipe the powder-coated aluminium frame with a soft, damp cloth. Please do not use sharp or rough objects or aggressive detergents to avoid scratching the surface.

Porcelain Bowls

The bowls can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher with your usual detergent. Clean the porcelain bowls thoroughly before use.

Anti Slip Feet

The included silicone feet can be used to ensure that the product stays in place. To apply the silicone feet to the product, carefully remove the protection film from the self-adhesive surface and fix the silicon feet to the bottom of the product.

The silicone feet may cause a chemical reaction on treated or on natural surfaces. In rare cases, this reaction can cause stains on the floor. Please make sure that your floor is suitable for the use of silicone feet, or place the product on a floor protection mat.


Form Meets Function

Designed to satisfy both cat and owner.

New: Limited Edition

The Desco cat feeder is now also available in a Limited Edition in the colour Grolive.

Image 38044151972116

High-quality Materials

The powder-coated aluminum frame is extremely durable while underlining the pure design of the cat feeder

Image 35475063308564

German Design Award Special Mention 2019

"Modest lines and a minimalist approach combined with contemporary materials outwardly result in a sturdy, firm feeder with Scandinavian feel." - Statement of the Jury German Design Award 2019

Image 35208755085588

Our Promise

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    MiaCara products impress with a unique, timeless design and maximum functionality.

  • Image 35171192963348


    The best materials and high-quality workmanship are MiaCara's top priorities.

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    MiaCara products are manufactured sustainably and with great attention to detail, mostly in Germany and Europe.

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Words From the Designer

"It was my goal to create a feeder that looks minimal, but with a characteristic shape. The challenge was to solve all the construction details in an aesthetic way."

-Mathias de Ferm

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