Modena Long Lead

Long Lead

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Variant Fabric: Asphalt
Size XS/S/SM/M

Sporty All-rounder

Extremely light and durable lead for every day use and every weather condition.

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Elevate your everyday walks with the lightweight Modena long dog
lead, your perfect companion for any outing.

Crafted from top-notch jacquard logo webbing, the Modena lead is
not just a leash — it's a durable, long-lasting accessory that will soon become
your go-to for daily strolls.

With three adjustable points, this lead ensures maximum comfort
for both you and your furry friend.

The sleek design is complemented by high-quality aluminium
carabiners and D-rings, along with a logo application made of silicone. These
fittings not only keep things light, but they're also rigorously tested for
superior tensile strength, guaranteeing your pup's safety.

From dirt to mud, this easy-care long dog lead can be swiftly
cleaned, making it suitable for any weather conditions.

Mix and match your pup's style by pairing the Modena long dog lead
with the corresponding Modena collar or harness. Elevate your walks with
Modena's unbeatable combination of style, durability and functionality.

Design: MiaCara Design Team

The Modena long lead is available in two widths.

XS/S/SM/M: approx. 200 x 2 cm (L x W), 3-way adjustable

M/ML/L/XL: approx. 200 x 2.5 cm (L x W), 3-way adjustable

Jacquard weave
100% nylon

  • Asphalt Asphalt
  • Greige Greige
  • Grolive Grolive

Buckle and D-ring

Logo application

Hand wash with warm water and gentle soap.
Lay flat to dry.

Modena Lead

3-way adjustable

For maximum comfort, the lead is 3-way adjustable using the D-rings.

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High-quality materials

The sleek design is completed by the high-quality aluminium carabiners and the aluminium D-rings as well as a logo application made of silicone.

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Our Promise

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    Give your dog maximum comfort and freedom of movement with ultra-lightweight materials and adjustable jacquard weave bands that fit perfectly.

  • Image 35606980198676


    Safe and durable dog walking products made from high-quality fabrics, robust jacquard weave bands and sturdy aluminium hardware.

  • Image 35606838411540


    Dirt and mud are no match for these easy-care materials. Simple hand-wash with warm water and mild soap.

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