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Easy-care and sustainable dog bed

A modern and particularly easy-care and sustainable dog bed with water-repellent properties.

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The Supremo is a modern, easy-care dog bed for design lovers.

Step into the world of modern canine luxury with the Supremo Dog Bed, a perfect blend of contemporary design and effortless maintenance.

Crafted with a unique textured fabric, the Supremo bed boasts a distinct aesthetic that effortlessly complements any modern interior, wrapped in a chic greige colour palette. It's not just a dog bed — it's a statement piece that seamlessly integrates into your home.

But the Supremo is not just about looks – it also impresses with its particularly easy-care fabric, that is made from 93% recycled yarn. The water-repellent fabric ensures that small stains are a thing of the past, making it an ideal
haven for playful puppies.

Inside, the Supremo pampers your pet with a top-notch filling. The soft, open-cell foam side sections provide sturdy head support, ensuring maximum comfort for your
dog. The bed maintains its shape even with regular use, offering lasting support and durability.

Your pup will experience optimal relaxation on the viscoelastic foam mattress with a memory effect. It cradles your dog in comfort and alleviates pressure on their spine and joints, making it perfect for dogs of all ages.

The removable cover and foam parts are machine washable, ensuring the Supremo stays fresh and clean for everyday use. Plus, if you ever want to switch up the style, individual Supremo covers are available, allowing you to give your dog's haven a makeover.

Design: MiaCara Design Team

The Supremo dog bed comes in four sizes. The dimensions are based on the outermost/innermost point of the bed.

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Small: 70 x 55 x 22 cm (L x B x H)

Jack Russel, Maltese, Havanese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, etc.

Small/Medium: 80 x 65 x 24 cm (L x B x H)

Dachshund, Pug, Poodle, French Bulldog, West Highland Terrier, Pinscher, etc.

Medium: 91 x 71 x 26 cm (L x B x H)

Beagle, Border Collie, Shiba Inu, Cocker-Spaniel, Whippet, Schnauzer (Middle), Wheaten Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Pinscher, etc.

Large: 120 x 93 x 30 cm (L x B x H)

Labrador, Bernese Mountain Dog, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Husky, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Irish Setter, Weimaraner, Magyar Vizsla, etc.


93% recycled Polypropylene
7% Polyester

  • Greige Greige


Cotton blend fabric: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester 


100% Polyurethan

Foam Properties:

  • stable and durable
  • climatising
  • hypoallergenic
  • permanently elastic


The fabric is washable at 30° C at gentle wash cycle. After washing, best let the cover air dry on a rack. Iron at low temperature. 

For easy cleaning in between, dog hair can easily be beaten out or vacuumed with an upholstery brush on your hoover. To remove stains from the fabric, press a damp cloth onto the stain and wipe the fabric clean in circular motions. Repeat the process if necessary. For stubborn stains, a mild detergent can be used.

When cleaning, please avoid solvents/concentrated scouring agents or solvent-based cleaning products containing DMF (dimethyl formadide), ketones, esters, methylbenzene or toluene.


30° C gentle wash cycle

Wet wash with a mild detergent at temperatures up to 30° C. Do not use highly chlorinated or chemically aggressive washing additives as this can damage the memory foam when drying.

After washing and rinsing please remove as much water as possible through the spin cycle. The mattress can be best dried by air on a rack. It can also be tumble dried at 60° C.

Inner Cushion Sides

60° C gentle wash cycle

The cushion filling is made of extremely soft, open cell foam. To ensure longevity, the cushion should be maintained and cleaned accordingly.

Launder the inner cushion with a mild detergent up to 60° C. We do not recommend that you use chlorinated and chemically aggressive washing products. A brownish discolouration of the foam cannot be avoided, but has no effect on the quality of the foam.

After washing and rinsing, please remove as much water as possible with the spin cycle. The inner cushion is best air-dried on a rack. It can also be tumble dried at 60° C, but please avoid over-drying.

Please plump up the inner cushion regularly so that it retains its fluffiness and shape.


Particularly easy to clean

Supremo impresses with its particularly easy-care fabric with water-repellent properties.

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Functional Details

The functional leather handle has an embossed logo and makes it easy to carry the bed.

Image 35862549823764

MiaCara Box-Bed Assembly Instructions

Our Promise

  • Image 35191058235668

    Highest Comfort

    MiaCara box beds perfectly support the dog’s spine and joints. The stable and long lasting orthopedic foam filling provides an ultimate of comfort. The innovative memory foam mattress moulds to the dog’s body.

  • Image 35191059480852

    Maximum Hygiene

    MiaCara dog cushions and box beds are made from breathable materials. For a maximum hygiene, both the removable covers and the foam filling are washable.

  • Image 35191059513620

    Exceptional Quality

    The filling is made from environment-friendly recycling foam. Unlike other dog beds, MiaCara’s viscoelastic foam filling keeps its shape, even during continuous use.

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